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Tea Cake Mystery Part 7a: Calling Calling Mr Lin Xiuyuan!

Mr Lin Xiuyuan (林修源) Photo credit: http://www.xincha.com/

 The gift of tea almost certainly came from the Menghai Shun Hing Tea Co (měng hǎi shùn xìng chá chǎng) in Meng Town Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China. Founded by Lin Xiuyuan whom we read a little of in the previous post. We are contacting his company to confirm!

First a Taobao 淘宝 message to RuiRong company

taobao message to Meng Shun Xing Tea Co

My messages is simple,

 I received this tea as a gift. “Is it from your company?” (我收到这个茶作为礼物。 它来自你的公司吗?,Wǒ shōu dào zhège chá zuòwéi lǐwù. Tā láizì nǐ de gōngsī ma).

Hopefully we’ll hear something back soon.  My Chinese isn’t very good, so I’ll have to line up a fluent speaker to handle the phone call which should happen soon!

Meanwhile, I am starting to run low on tea.  Hopefully I can order some more of this exact same tea once I confirm the source.

If I can’t confirm that this is the producer of this awesome pu erh by the end of the week, I’ll have to look at Yunnan Sourcing.  I’ve never used them before so I will report my experience here.  If you know anything about Yunnan Sourcing please leave a comment below!


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